Why we make the difference

Our main goal: guiding entrepreneurs’ strategic choices in building long lasting relationships, to generate constant increasing sales abroad, with an extremely focused, personalized and operative approach.

Promote Export Consulting Co. Ltd operates where strategy meets markets, generating new business opportunities.

We offer specialized consulting services from our headquarter located in Hunan Province to companies interested in increasing their sales in foreign markets by using b2b channels or creating new sales networks appointing qualified agents and distributors.

We are specialized in the automotive industry but we are working with companies of all sizes belonging to all different type of industries ranging from subcontracting, up to finished products, machines and equipment.

Relying on our global and multicultural partners, having both Italian and Chinese origins, we are able to build long lasting relationships with customers and be the direct bridge between countries around the world, achieving cultural and informational gap minimization.

Creating and developing sales network by searching new opportunities globally.

Promote Export Consulting operates where strategy meets markets, generating new business opportunities. Sustainable International growth solutions achieved.


We are working with different industries relying on our 360° global experience. Whether you are a machine or finished product manufacturer,

or a subcontractor, our winning strategy will shape your success.

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To request more information about our service feel free to contact us :
No.18 of Panpan Road, Xingsha, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.C
+86-731- 88597029 / +86-731- 88597026 / +86-13762210151

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